Qualifying Standards

                Pacers                 Trotters 

1 Mile    Aged 2:00             Aged 2:02

               3 Yr Olds 2:01        3 Yr Olds 2:03

               2 Yr Olds 2:02       2 Yr Olds 2:04

The above standards are for races on a track classified as fast.

Qualifying races will be held weekly. The entry box will close at a prescribed time the day before. There will be no additions after the box is closed.

All horses will be given three (3) chances to qualify. Horses starting in three (3) consecutive qualifying races failing to meet the prescribed standards may not be allowed to start in future races (either qualifying or pari-mutuel) until a satisfactory pari-mutuel race line is established.

Two and three year olds may be allowed additional qualifying races at the discretion of the Race Secretary.

Horses coming from a 5/8 Track or larger must show a time of 2 seconds faster than the current standard from their last performance. Horses coming from a Mile Track must show a time of 3 seconds faster than the current standard from their last performance.

Qualifying standards may be changed at any time at the discretion of the Race Secretary. All current qualifying standards will be posted on the weekly condition sheet