Welcome to Empire City Casino by MGM Resorts

We’re proud that Empire City Casino is part of the MGM Resorts family, which is committed to the communities we serve, and to creating world-class entertainment destinations at all of our facilities around the world.

The clearest path to continue to provide good jobs and support our local communities is for Empire City Casino to become a full-scale casino – meaning offering table games staffed with dealers instead of just computer games. Every computer game we replace with a live dealer table means six new well-paying union jobs for New Yorkers.

Transforming Empire City Casino to a full-scale casino with live dealer tables, sports betting and more amenities would mean bringing back more of our workforce and the jobs that have been lost because of COVID-19 and creating new union jobs for New Yorkers.

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, Yonkers' unemployment rate skyrocketed to almost 20% in July 2020 and nearly 25% in the Bronx. Empire City Casino was the largest private employer in Yonkers and a large employer of Bronx residents as well. This plan would put Yonkers and Bronx residents back to work with family-sustaining union jobs.

Empire City Casino will remain committed to hiring locally from Yonkers, Mount Vernon and the Bronx, and creating professional development opportunities for employees to advance within the Company.

It would also mean more tax revenue for New York State schools, which have been hit hard by budget cuts, and more funding for Yonkers and Westchester at a time when New York is facing a budget deficit of over $14 billion.

Allowing Empire City Casino to develop into its full potential with a full-scale casino license would mean that New York can come back even stronger from this pandemic.

And as the state considers legalizing mobile sports betting, Empire City Casino needs to be included in order to create more revenue for the state and more jobs at our casino.

Benefits of a Full-Scale Casino License at Empire City Casino

There are two key reasons to allow a full-scale casino license at Empire City Casino:

  1. It can be a critical source of funding for the City of Yonkers, for Westchester County and New York State at a time when we are struggling with massive budget deficits and potential funding cuts to schools, families in need, and our health care system.
  1. It will spur private investment and create jobs, increasing Empire City Casino’s local hiring, spending, and investment in communities that have been hard hit by the pandemic, and prevent significant tax increases for residents.

Mobile Sports Betting

If New York State is going to authorize mobile sports betting, Empire City Casino and other video gaming casinos should be included. It could mean millions more in revenue for the state to prevent tax raises or cuts to important services. And it will help New York compete with sports betting in New Jersey that’s generating millions in part from spending by New Yorkers.

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